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  • The Instant Booking Reservation is the shortest way to make your reservation. We display a visual sample of participating hotel information, rates, and availability dates. Browse as much as you like, and then make a reservation at the hotel of your choice.

  • You can reserve a room instantly by filling out the online form and saving a lot of time and money with this option. Once you place your reservation, you receive an instant confirmation with a booking number.

  • Each property with online reservation have its own booking policy. Some hotels just need you card as a guaranty (you will pay your stay directly to the hotel) and others need to charge your card to deliver the voucher and hold the rooms for your stay.

  • See the procedure, terms and conditions for each case of property with instant booking :


  • Once you place a on-request reservation, a booking agent will process your request within a maximum delay of 4 hours during opening hours of our agency (from 10 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Saturday).

  • We will respond to your request either by a confirmation if the hotel can satisfy your request or by a proposal corresponding to your original request in case the chosen hotel(s) cannot satisfy your request. In such case, you will have to confirm our proposition to confirm your reservation.

  • This service is 100% free of charge (no deposit are required), but we will require your credit card information that we give to the hotel as a guarantee. You will be billed directly by the hotel after your check-out.

  • See the procedure, terms and conditions for the properties with on-request booking :  On-request booking policy

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