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Is your service free of charge ?    [ top ]
After receiving your reservation form, we will endeavour to book a hotel room for you at the hotel you have selected. This service is 100% free of charge for you as we do not debit your credit card. The transaction will be done between yourself and the hotel. We will be guiding you during your search, negotiating room rates as low as possible and assisting you if you have any language problems.

When do I get a confirmation for my reservation ? [ top ]
As soon as we receive your reservation form, provided we receive it during our office hours (10.00-20.00 Paris time – GMT+1), we will reply to you as soon as we get a firm confirmation from the hotel. Usually, it takes less than 4 hours after contacting the hotel. In general, due to time differences in different parts of the world, we will endeavor to send you an answer before 24 hours after receiving your request. Should you be in an emergency situation, please send us a fax to +33

What if the hotel has no vacancy ?    [ top ]
If the hotel you have selected has no vacancy for the period you have requested, we will provide you with either the dates in which the hotel has vacancies or suggest to you a same category, same area and same budget hotel in which we will arrange your reservation after your approval.

Why do you need my credit card number and expiry date for ?    [ top ]
We need your credit card information in order to secure a firm confirmation from the hotel. Hotels usually request credit cards numbers in order to debit no-show fares if they are not informed about the cancellation more than 7 days before. As mentioned previously, the transaction will only be done between yourself and the hotel selected, we do not
charge you anything.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?   [ top ]
As long as you warn us early enough, you won't be charged anything. But if you decide to change or cancel later than 7 days, the hotel will charge a one night rate as a no show if the room is not occupied by somebody else. To cancel a reservation, you can use our cancellation form.

Do You offer other services?   [ top ]
We provide different services through our site :
  • Airport Shuttle : a shuttle can pick-up you at the airport.
  • Excursions & Tours : We offer different excursions in minibuses (pick-up and return to your hotel).

    What are the check-in & check-out time for a room ?
    Rooms are usually available from 14 pm to 12 pm (earlier if rooms are free).

    How are the hotel categories defined ?    [ top ]
    The categories are defined by the Ministry of Tourism of The French Republic. The hotels are reglemented and controled very often by the agent of the Ministry of Tourism.

    What is included in the prices you are offering ?   [ top ]
    The prices are rates for a one night stay in the hotel chosen. All extras (breakfast, telephone bills, other services...) are excluded. We will state precisely in our special offers the exact content of each one of them.

    How far ahead should I make the reservations ?   [ top ]
    As you may be aware, hotels in Paris enjoy a high average rate of occupancy. Due to this factor and other events organized in Paris, we do urge you to book soon enough to make sure you get the best rates possible and also the availability of the desired number of rooms for your stay. We advise to book at least three months ahead if there is no special event occurring during your stay and at least five months ahead if you plan to come to Paris during or for special events such as exhibitions, shows, concerts...

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