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We provides a complete solution to websites to earn revenue from online travel sales. It's easy and fast to setup.
AMS Multimédia pays Affiliates up to 6% on all completed Net Rate.

AMS Multimédia will pay the affiliate a commission of 4% inclusive of VAT for all effective sales concluded and paid for via the intermediary of the affiliation scheme.
For any calendar month in which effective reservations taken up and paid for are worth more than 9001 euros, the commission will be on a sliding scale as follows:
between 1 euro and 9000 euros 4%
between 9001 euros and 15,000 euros 5%
from 15,001 euros up 6%

Online Reporting
AMS Multimédia will provide the affiliate company with a single, unique URL in order to monitor the activity.
The affiliate will have access to a management interface via an identifier and a password to enable it to consult detailed reports concerning reservations and commissions and information concerning it.

If the affiliate so wishes, AMS Multimédia can create web pages using a graphics chart similar to that used for the affiliate's site.
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